Friday, 27 May 2011

Honours Project: Investigation on the Developing Process of 3D Methodology for Game Character Designs

My Honours Project consists into how an artist could explore and develop their practices in the concept art process in order to develop a unique 3D character for computer games. It also undergos learning and exploring into each different concept art methodologies.

The aim of my project is to explore and practice the concept art with 3D as part of the development process for character design in computer games.

Through this, I’ve gained some new experiences into understanding the process of character designs and developments for games, and also applied these explored techniques towards my own practice to help me become a professional 3D Artist or a Character Modeller.

Character No. 1: E-SWAT Droid (Developed from 2D Methodology only)

Character No. 2: Gurok (Developed from 3D Methodology only)

Character No. 3: Dino Tank (Developed from Hybrid Methodology)

Character No. 4: Ion Man (Developed from chosen Methodology)

From the project's overall results, it was found that the Hybrid Methodology was the more creative and logical approach for character developments for games. And this medium also helps with my project's research about finding any impacts towards 3D in concept art.

One of the reasons for this choice was because a rendered image of the 3D mesh (from Maya or ZBrush) can be used a the foundation towards forming a final concept art in Photoshop. Such as applying extra images of rendered materials from ZBrush into one composite image, and then apply any textures or effects directly onto the image. This again would be one of the good examples of delivering the impact of 3D towards the concept art process for character design, and is also good for practice.

In the end, I've sucessfully developed all of the four characters (from above), and have also created my Showreel which presents each of the character's development process based on their own methodology approach during my project's investigation.

Honours Project Showreel (

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Next Level Dundee 2010 Project: Lyceum Game

This was a five day project as we were asked to design and produce a media piece based on the design brief given by Ian Smith (Founder and Head of Next Level Dundee Project).

The group that I was in involves the creation of a 2D Side Scrolling Game titled "Lyceum", as the game was based on the elements theme (this year's design brief) along with the Sci Fi City/Urban environment, and the game also runs on XNA for PC (also uses Xbox 360 controllers to move the character in the game). The objective in the game is to guide the character all the way up towards the very top of the skyscraper in the city environment along with some challenging elemental obstacles such as icy ledges, fire puffing chimneys, and also the windy rooftops when reaching the finish line on the top. The character will also have a handy power-up such as a 'Grappling-Claw' to climb up the buildings, and also swing to another ledge on each building.

My role as a 2D Artist for this project was to create and develop the Power-Up icon such as the grappling claw, the animated effects of the elements (mostly the fire element), and also some extra vehilce illustrations for the game environment background within one week using Photoshop.

Lyceum Game Trailer (YouTube):

Grappling Claw Power-Up (Logo, Effects, and UI Elements):

Hover Car and Train for game background:

Hover Car

Hover Train

Ion Logo Deign (for Hover Car):

Fire Effect (for background):

Friday, 30 April 2010

Masters of Power

This project was based on TAG Games brief also for the Personal Project module, and the role that I've taken on working in character design and also animation for each character (Heroes and Villains) with Flash.
The game was titled "Masters of Power" which is a fighting game set in the future where heroes and villains fight each other for obtaining and becoming the ultimate powerful being on the planet.

Character Design

Male and Female Heroes (colour trials)

Final Characters in Flash form

Male Superhero:

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Personal Project: uRPeGuRTS Game

These were all of my art assets that I've worked on for my Computer Games Technology Group Project (the Personal Project module in Semester 1 & 2) as we have created a Fantasy themed Real Time Strategy Game titled "uRrPerGuRTS". The role that I've taken on for this group was to work as a Character Artist for a faction called "The Commonwealth" (who were an artistic and an ordered race) as I was responsible for the concept artwork for the characters and props, modeling and texture them in Maya, and also animated each character (also in Maya) and then export the model animations in a specific file (Fbx format)to run in "Microsoft XNA" (the main game engine that the programmers in my group have chosen to work on). I've also worked on the animated "Bearded Ninja Entertainment" logo (our team name for our group)and also the Commonwealth faction's logo design for the project.

Developments: Logo Design

Bearded Ninja Entertainment

Animated Team Logo

Commonwealth Faction Logo

Chosen Logo Design (below)

Developments: Character Design

The Commonwealth Peons (Armors and Melee/Range Weapons)

Physical Peon

Magical Peon

Hybrid Peon

Citizen Peon (not included in final game)

Final Peons in colour (below)

Commonwealth Heroes (including primary weapon designs)

Cocky Percy

Steve the Thespian

3D Models with UV Textures

Commonwealth Peons (including armor and weapons)

Physical Peon

No Armor

Armor Stage 1

Armor Stage 2

Armor Stage 3

Physical Melee Weapons

Physical Range Weapons

Magical Peon

No Armor

Armor Stage 1

Armor Stage 2

Armor Stage 3

Magical Melee Weapons

Magical Range Weapons

Hybrid Peon

No Armor

Armor Stage 1

Armor Stage 2

Armor Stage 3

Hybrid Melee Weapons

Hybrid Range Weapons

Commonwealth Heroes

Cocky Percy

CP's Grenade Stick

Steve the Thespian

Steve's Peacock Sword
Game Logo and Menu Designs

Game Logo:

Game Menu Layouts:

Posters (for Showcase at the University)

uRPeGuRTS Poster:

The Commonwealth Faction Poster:

The Totalian Kingdom Faction Poster (the artwork of the Totalian logo and the characters was designed by the other artist in my group):